Written for the Back to Middle Earth Month, Day 24. Prompt: Your favourite quote.


“You are the loveliest person in the world.” — from the movie Nordkraft, by Ole Christian Madsen.


The Answer


Sometimes, he seems to fade into light. Makalaurë. The one who speaks little of his true thoughts. Utterly alone in his equanimity, against the light. Between his creased brows, he hides his doubts about himself, and his worries about everything else. He lets no one notice, but his eyes always look tired. As if tired of hiding.

Then on a day like this, a boy with red hair approaches. The picture of solitude breaks into an array of colours.

“You are the loveliest person in the world, Makalaurë.”

The boy says. In a young voice that cannot yet fully comprehend the meaning and power of the sentence. What he holds in his heart as he speaks, is the love for his brother.

In the smile he receives, Maitimo finds a promise of a fierce and undying allegiance.

And in the radiant smile of his brother, Makalaurë finds the answer to all questions.